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Dr. Artur Shariev

What is your current research interest?

Developing a 3D retinal cellular model to better understand mechanism of disease and treatment

How long have you been in the vision lab?

6 months

What is your favourite experiment?

Immunofluorescence microscopy

What are your favourite hobbies outside of the lab?

Snowboarding, travelling and reading

What is your favourite cuisine?

Middle eastern



I have recently joined the lab as a Research Officer soon after finishing my PhD at the University of Sydney. I graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Science majoring in human Anatomy and Physiology. I then continued my pursuit of interest in medical science by completing an honours degree in the University of Sydney and graduating with a first class honours. I developed a strong passion for medical research and the will to make a difference in others life and as such I undertook a PhD at the University of Sydney, investigating molecular mechanisms of skin cancer and the potential of vitamin D as a therapeutic. I now moved to a different field by joining the Clear Vision Research where I aim to develop a 3D model that can give us the potential to better understand the mechanism of disease and give us the possibility to generate human personalised therapeutics for retinal diseases.

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