What is your current research interest?

Effect of exercise-induced extracellular vesicles on retinal degenerations and their therapeutic potential.

When did you first become interested in vision science? 

From my many ophthalmologist consultations in high school.

What is your favourite experiment?

I'm really excited for all the new animal experiments I'll be learning about this semester!

What are your favourite hobbies outside of the lab?

Reading, cooking and playing piano

What is your favourite cuisine?



Pranay Gulati



As an unabashed science nerd, I was drawn to the lab's pioneering work in applying fundamental research to treating retinal degenerations. My own experiences with vision problems and exposure to the work of others such as Fred Hollows has driven me to understand how crucial vision is to wellbeing, and the importance of research into diseases such as AMD that don’t have available treatments. As part of the lab, I’m involved in projects looking at extracellular vesicles (intercell communicators) and miRNAs (small regulatory molecules), such as those induced by exercise. I’m especially excited by the ground-breaking potential of these pathways as novel therapeutics for AMD.