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Elly Wills

What is your current research interest?

My research on the early time-course model of AMD has just started, but I’m especially interested in the miRNA photoreceptor cluster

When did you first become interested in vision science?​

After first reaching out to the Clear Vision Lab at the end of my undergrad degree, my interest has continued to grow the more I learn about all the facets of vision science

What is your favourite experiment?

Retinal extractions

What are your favourite hobbies outside of the lab?

Hiking, swimming, and occasionally painting if I’m feeling creative

What is your favourite cuisine?

Mexican or Vietnamese



I’m a new honours student in the Clear Vision Lab in 2021. I’m working on a project with Yvette Wooff and Ricardo Natoli, which is looking at the early time-course of the Photo-Oxidative damage animal model of retinal degeneration. We will profile the earliest inflammatory and miRNA activity in the retina in response to light damage. This model is used extensively to study the pathologies of dry AMD, so strengthening the understanding of this model is important for the future studies of AMD.


I haven’t done any research projects before or have experience in vision science, but I am enjoying learning new techniques and being part of the Clear Vision team. I think this year will challenge me, but I hope that my project will be able to contribute to a greater understanding of early AMD progression.

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