Honours Student

Josephine Wong

What is your current research interest?

Identifying miRNA modulators of inflammasomes as therapeutic targets for retinal degeneration

How long have you been in the Vision Lab?

Started February 2018

What is your favourite experiment?

Polymerase chain reaction

What are your favourite hobbies outside of the lab?

Hanging out with friends, watching dramas and movies, doing calligraphy

What is your favourite cuisine?


I have been studying BSc(Advanced) at ANU, and am doing Honours in the Vision Lab at the John Curtin School of Medical Research this year. My research focuses are identifying miRNAs which modulate inflammasome in retina, and testing key candidate miRNAs as potential therapeutics to target inflammasome activation in retinal degenerations. I have completed a number of research projects in the fields of molecular biology and neuroscience in the past two years, and I believe the skills I have acquired in those projects will support my research in the Honours year.