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What is your current research interest?

I’ve worked across a few areas of CVR for research projects throughout my undergrad. I’m now an Honours student working with a mouse model for the neovascular form of AMD. 

When did you first become interested in vision science? 

I first started with CVR in July 2021. However, I’ve always been quite interested in neuroscience and its applications, and I’d say vision science goes hand in hand with that. The more I learn in this area, the more exciting I find it.  

What is your favourite experiment?

Not sure that I have a favourite yet! I love learning new experimental techniques.

What are your favourite hobbies outside of the lab?

You’ll find me with friends, doing some kind of science communication or advocacy work, baking something sweet, at the gym or exploring nature. 

What is your favourite cuisine?

Indian and Italian 

Marissa Ellis

Marissa image.jpg


I am an Honours student for 2023 working on optimising a model for the neovascular form of AMD, working with Dr Adrian Cioanca. I first joined the CVR team as a second year Bachelor of Philosophy – Science student, in July 2021, for a semester-long research project. In this project I examined the protective effect of exercise against retinal degeneration. I then stayed with the lab for a second project, looking at the role and therapeutic potential of extracellular vesicles in AMD. My interests lie in the medical application of our research, and seeing how what we do in the lab can apply to improving the lives of people. I would love to one day see a therapeutic outcome for those with AMD develop from our research. I am extremely excited to be able to learn and research amongst a group of such incredible people and am really looking forward to seeing where else my CVR journey takes me.

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