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Natasha Vassileff

Photo Natasha Vassileff .jpg

What is your current research interest?

Understanding how neuroinflammation changes protein post translation modifications and protein expression in neurodegenerative diseases.

When did you start in the vision lab?

When I first saw the lab present at the ANZSEV conference.

What is your favourite experiment?

​Performing mass spectrometry and proteomic analysis.

What are your favourite hobbies outside of the lab?

​My hobbies include going on hikes and walking my dog.

What is your favourite cuisine?



Hello, I just started my first post doc with the Clear Vision Research Group where I intend to better understand the relationship between neurodegenerative diseases and neuroinflammation. My PhD studies predominantly focused on understanding the role extracellular vesicles, small particles involved in intercellular communication, play in propagating neurodegenerative diseases. I particularly investigated how these particles alter their protein and miRNA cargo in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. I find the function of EVs as a mechanism of cellular communication fascinating and I believe their role as vectors of neurodegenerative disease pathogenesis is an exciting area of research that technology is only beginning to uncover. Throughout my PhD studies, I became well versed in miRNA next generation sequencing and proteomic analysis including identification of post-translational modifications. I am excited to implement my proteomics experience in Clear Vision Research and uncover new neuroinflammation-induced protein post-translational modifications in neurodegenerative diseases and identify which cell types these alterations are prominently occurring in.  I hope my research will one day improve the outcome for individuals living with neurodegenerative conditions.

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