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Nathan Reynolds

What is your current research interest?

Different models of retinal degeneration.

When did you first become interested in vision research?

In my undergraduate studies, particularly in anatomy and physiological psychology.

What is your favourite experiment?

Anything to do with imaging, physiology​, or behaviour. I just enjoy doing lab work, really. 

What are your favourite hobbies outside of the lab?

Playing guitar, cooking drinking coffee, playing with my dog(s). 

What is your favourite cuisine?


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I am Nathan Reynolds, a recently submitted PhD student in developmental neuroscience. I have dedicated my doctoral studies to understanding the fundamental processes that drive neural development. My research has focused on uncovering the molecular, cellular and electrophysiological mechanisms that govern the formation of neural tissue, with a particular emphasis on understanding how single molecules can alter the trajectory of brain development and animal behaviour.

With a background in developmental neuroscience, I have a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities presented in studying retinal degeneration. I have presented my work at numerous prestigious neuroscience conferences, and have been actively involved in student representation of higher degree research candidates. As I begin my career in Clear Vision Research, I bring an understanding of the cellular and molecular processes that underlie neural development, as well as a passion for translating this knowledge into novel therapies for neurodegenerative diseases and injuries. I am excited to continue my academic career with Clear Vision Research, and contribute to the development of new treatments that can improve the lives of patients with retinal degenerations.

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