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Dr. Riemke Aggio-Bruce

What is your current research interest?

Using microRNA as a diagnostic and therapeutic for retinal degenerations

When did you first become interested in vision science?

During an undergraduate genetics lecture

What is your favourite experiment?

Anything challenging

What are your favourite hobbies outside of the lab?

Art, walking my dog

What is your favourite cuisine?



Hello, I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the CVR laboratory and an associate lecturer in anatomy at the ANU Medical School. My research focuses on determining how small regulatory molecules known as microRNA can be utilised as both diagnostic and therapeutic tools in retinal degenerations, particularly the associated inflammatory response. However, there is more to me in this role than just my fascinating research.

I grew up in an artistic household and attended a primary school, which at the time, was considered to have a ‘hippy’ reputation that fostered creativity. This upbringing lead me to pursue a degree in graphic design prior to commencing a Bachelor of Genetics in 2013. The combination of design and scientific academia has provided me with a unique skillset for scientific communication. During my time in CVR I have been involved in several outreach programs including co-developing, organising and running ‘the Art of Vision’, an art class that raises awareness for visual disorders.

I believe my greatest strength is my creativity, which I bring to my research, art/design work, scientific communication and often my spelling (thankfully spellcheck exists). Consequently, in the future I would like to explore this further, combining design and science to creating a view of research that anyone can appreciate.

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