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If you were asked, what was the one sense that you couldn't live without, most of you would have immediately thought of your sight. That is because our vision plays an integral role into how we perceive the world around us. Without research into the prevention of vision loss from retinal degenerations, it is guaranteed that 1 in 7 people will lose the sense of sight.

At the Australian National University, the Clear Vision Research Laboratories (led by Dr Riccardo Natoli) are working on understanding why the retina degenerates as we age and are developing innovative interventions and diagnostics. Through the generous donation of ANU alumna Dr Suan Tan, and in honour of her late father K.T. Tan, we have an exciting opportunity for a young researcher to join our research team with a full paid PhD Scholarship at the ANU.

This PhD scholar will work alongside industry to develop novel diagnostics and therapeutics for the treatment of retinal degenerations, with a focus on improving health care outcomes for the currently incurable dry form of Age-Related Macular Degeneration. This PhD scholarship is open to all domestic and international students and will provide a stipend of $27,082 per annum, as well as research support for the project. This is a fantastic opportunity to join an exciting research team. We are looking for a candidate that has: - A H1 or equivalence in Honours, in a research field preferably with a Vision Sciences, Neuroscience or molecular biology background - Experience with microRNA and transcriptomics would be an advantage - Our ideal candidate would have some experience with either industry, science communication or a demonstrated track record of excellence in presentation at conferences - Must have the capabilities to work both independently and as a member of a team - Must be able to provide innovative input to projects to maximise the entrepreneurial potential of the research

If you are interested in applying please send a C.V., Transcript and a brief cover letter to:

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