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REDI fellowship success for Head of Clear Vision Research!

Clear Vision Research Lead, Associate Professor Riccardo Natoli, has been selected as a distinguished awardee of the coveted Bridge/BridgeTech REDI fellowship, supported by MTP Connect and MRFF funding. This esteemed fellowship sets the stage for a collaborative engagement between academic rigor and industrial innovation, as Riccardo prepares to embark on an enriching collaborative project with VivaZome Therapeutics.

Orchestrated through the Bridge and BridgeTech Industry Fellowships Program, his fellowship highlights the exceptional merit of Associate Professor Natoli's research experience, industry alliances, and the projected implications of his work.

‘The more time I spend with industry, the more I am realising that academics and industry are asking the same questions with the fundamental difference academics are generally focused more on the knowledge generation and industry is more focused on an endpoint and impact’ said Dr Natoli.
‘While there is a difference in the language and the intent, the key similarity is that both want to make a difference in the world. I feel very lucky to be peering behind the industry curtain, and am very excited at what I see.’

Riccardo Natoli's leadership at ANU's Clear Vision Research Lab reflects an unwavering commitment in pioneering novel diagnostics and treatments for Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). With ANU's pivotal role as a project partner in VivaZome's CRC-P project, this synergy serves as the catalyst for accelerating the development of EV-based therapeutic solutions for retinal diseases—a realm ripe for transformation.


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