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ErythroSight's journey through CSIRO On Accelerate 8.

Team ErythroSight. (Left to right): Dr Yvette Wooff, Dr Adrian Cioanca, Rakshanya Sekar, A. Prof. Riccardo Natoli, Dr Riya Palchaudhuri. Image from CSIRO.

We're thrilled to share our journey and achievements during the CSIRO ON Accelerate 8 program. This experience has been transformative for us, and we're excited to take you through the milestones we achieved and the support we received.

Breaking New Ground in Vision Loss Treatment

At ErythroSight, we are committed to developing a groundbreaking clinic-ready product to treat degenerative eye diseases, particularly age-related macular degeneration. Our innovative approach uses patients' own blood, offering a new horizon of hope for millions suffering from these debilitating conditions.

The ON Accelerate Experience

"ON Accelerate was a whirlwind adventure that tested every part of our scientific, commercial, and entrepreneurial knowledge. We are so privileged to have been supported with 15 weeks of mentorship and access to a worldwide network of entrepreneurs, investors, and experts to help literally 'accelerate' our research into a start-up venture. ErythroSight has grown from four academic researchers with exciting scientific data, into a team of developing executives ready to commercialise our novel therapeutic for AMD."
- Dr Yvette Wooff

Participating in the ON Accelerate program has been a game-changer for us. The program's personalised coaching, enhanced customer and investor engagement training, and entrepreneurial and commercialisation resources were invaluable. We were lucky enough to have Hugo LeMessurier as our expert coach and mentor throughout the program. We could not have advanced so quickly without his guidance and support. He was the perfect coach for our team and we are so grateful for the time and input (and friendship) he has given us. 

We would also like to shout out to the whole ON team, especially Joanne Jacobs, David Ireland, Andy Lamb and Ian Brown, as well as our greatest cheerleader Selena Boyfield.

Reflecting on Our Journey

The ON Accelerate program has been instrumental in our journey from concept toward market readiness. The support, training, and resources provided have empowered us to overcome challenges and make substantial progress.

We are excited about the future and are committed to continuing our work to bring our vision loss treatment to those who need it most. The journey is far from over, and we look forward to sharing more milestones and successes as we move forward.

Key Achievements

Our time in the ON Accelerate program has been incredibly fruitful, marked by several critical milestones:

  1. Securing Our Patent Position: Protecting our intellectual property was a major priority, and we successfully secured a patent position for our technology. This step is vital in safeguarding our innovation and ensuring we can continue to develop it further.

  2. Advancing Product Development: We've made significant strides in moving our product closer to clinical readiness, ensuring it meets all necessary standards.

  3. Developing a Regulatory Strategy: The funding we received allowed us to create a comprehensive FDA regulatory strategy and conduct a thorough gap analysis. This has been essential in identifying potential challenges and ensuring a smoother pathway to market.

  4. Receiving Crucial Financial Support:

    1. ANU Impact Grant: We were awarded a $50,000 ANU impact grant, which has been instrumental in providing regulatory support, enabling independent validation, and securing essential lab supplies for ongoing research and development.

    2. ON Runway Services: ON Accelerate also contributed an additional $20,000, further supporting our journey.

Looking Forward

ErythroSight is on a clear path to market. We have an extensive data pack which has been patent protected and has formed the basis for a US regulatory strategy. We are working to conduct our safety and toxicology studies and manufacture clinical products to move into first in human clinical trials within the next 2-3 years. We hope to make a significant impact in the prevention of retinal degenerations. Our innovative approach has the potential to revolutionise treatment for vision loss diseases and improve the lives of countless individuals.

Congratulations to Our Fellow Innovators

The ON Accelerate 8 Cohort. Image from CSIRO.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the other incredible teams in the ON Accelerate 8 cohort. Your innovative solutions and remarkable progress are truly inspiring:

  • To those advancing in health tech, your dedication is making a significant impact on global health challenges.

  • To the teams pushing for sustainability, your work in circularity is crucial for a greener future.

  • To the innovators in advanced manufacturing and AI, your efforts are redefining the boundaries of technology and its applications.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress and the incredible innovations coming out of the ON Accelerate 8 cohort. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of what's possible and making strides toward a brighter future for vision health and beyond.


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