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Eye health for university students

For those who don’t know, like many academics, as well as being a researcher in the CVR lab I also teach …perhaps a bit more than most. It is an aspect of my job that is made all the more enjoyable by enthusiastic students. Therefore, when a group of past students recently reached out with the idea of an interview on eye health for university students as part of a group assignment, I was more than happy to be involved!

Since starting in research and reflecting on my own experiences as a student, I have felt as though students often don't realise the opportunities they have to engage with the wealth of research being done at the ANU. I think engagement in this way between staff and students is a fantastic idea, not only to raise awareness of eye health, but to further connect students with medical research.

At this point I have to say that it feels odd to be reflecting on the process as an interviewee. I certainly do not think that I can comment on my own performance (I will leave that up to you), however, I can speak to the professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge of the group.

While I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to watch it back yet (I am sure I’m not the only one who focuses on what could have been better rather than what was done well), I am hopeful that this interview can influence students to make even just one small change. Whether that be going for a walk between classes, increasing their screen/font size or getting in some more leafy greens, these are changes that can help reduce eye related issues - anywhere from eye strain to future retinal degenerations.

You can watch the interview below and if you would like more information on what you can be doing to reduce your risk of degenerative conditions such as macular degeneration, a link the Macular Disease Foundation Australia website is also included below.

As a final takeaway, just remember that small changes now can have a big impact on your future vision.


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