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From stage to streaming: TEDxChristchurch talk by CVR alumni Dr Joshua Chu-Tan now on TED Health!

Joshua Chu-Tan talking at TEDx Auckland in 2019. Photo credit: TEDx

NOW AVALIABLE ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS: Clear Vision alumni and Science-communication extraordinnaire Joshua Chu-Tan's TED Talk is now avalible on all podcasting platforms. His talk illuminates the intricate world of retinal degenerations, urging listeners to recognise the significance of our sense of sight. Exploring age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness, Chu-Tan introduces powerful gene regulators, microRNA, as a potential solution. Now available as a podcast, Chu-Tan's talk transforms into an auditory journey, inviting listeners to explore the science and hope behind preserving the gift of vision.

Watch Josh's ted talk, or stream it as a podcast through TED Health.


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