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Lifeblood of Innovation: Exploring EV Therapies in CSIRO's On Prime Program.

Clear Vision Research's Rakshanya Sekar and ON Prime's Roberto Persivale at the 2023 ON Prime "Mic Drop" event in Melbourne.

What do you get when you combine a diverse team of researchers and a national program to mobilise innovation? You get ON Prime, a 9 week CSIRO program which can help completely change how you view your research.

ON Prime works with research teams to give them real-world commercialisation skills including product development, stakeholder engagement and market validation to support innovation journeys.

Members of Clear Vision Research from ANU (Riccardo Natoli, Yvette Wooff, Adrian Cioanca and Rakshanya Sekar) and Research Innovation Services (Riya Palchaudhuri) had the opportunity to be part of this program as ErythroSight. ErythroSight is developing novel therapeutics using red blood cell-derived extracellular vesicles for the treatment of retinal degenerations, with a focus on Age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Through ON Prime we had the opportunity to undertake customer discovery and market validation activities enabling us to take on research questions further and understand how it could make real world impact

The 9 week journey ended today at Mic Drop in Melbourne with all participating teams delivering a 1 minute video and a 4 minute pitch of their products and what they have learnt from ON Prime. We heard from fantastic products from around the country, including Vicolours another ANU based team who are part of TMOS, an ARC Center of Excellence, using printing colours into stainless steel to make everlasting images, CosMIX who are using grape waste products to develop drinks which are tasty and good for your health, and Lumi-solve who are developing target delivery drugs using light for the treatment of peripheral artery disease.

Presenting at the showcase was a great way to reflect on our journey through ON Prime and acknowledge the facilitators, mentors and connections made through this journey. Rakshanya Sekar (see images at the top of the page) gave a fantastic presentation of the teams learnings and ambitions for their commercialisation journey. In a room with 17 other teams who have been through the ON journey, we were able to share our insights, highs and lows and what we would do differently if we did it all again.

The room was buzzing with the excitement of innovation, new technologies and shared experiences. We strongly encourage all researchers with an idea to be part of this brilliant ecosystem of creators through On Prime and On Accelerate programs through the CSIRO.

The ON Prime program will run again in 2024, and applications for Prime 15 are open now if you want to learn how to support your innovations.


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