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Welcome to 2021

Last year was certainly a year that many in the world would like to put behind them with the hope that 2021 will usher in the new beginning many thought 2020 would bring. With the pandemic still raging on around the world, we feel incredibly lucky to be based in Australia where the response of all involved helped the majority of the country return to a certain degree of normality. As with any disaster as devastating as the COVID-19 pandemic, big changes are afoot. The Clear Vision Research Group are trying our best to position ourselves well and be malleable to the changes that have been implemented and those that have yet to come.

In other news, we welcome four new members to our lab family for 2021. They are: Rakshanya Sekar, PhD; Elly Wills, Honours; Max Kirkby, PhB research project; and Oscar Watson, ANU Medical School research project. We are very excited to have them join the group for the year and beyond! We can’t wait to see what they have to offer.

We anticipate a big year ahead for the CVR group, especially upon the receipt of our National Health and Medical Research Council grant at the end of last year. Now the hard work begins to deliver on that project. As always, there are some exciting projects that we are starting and many that we are continuing and developing from last year. Watch this space!


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