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Yoonji Seo

What is your current research interest?

The role of the circRNA-miRNA network in the disease process of age-related macular degeneration.

When did you first become interested in vision science?

In a first-year Anatomy class!

What is your favourite experiment?

Anything involving sequencing.

What are your favourite hobbies outside of the lab?

You'll find me either cooking, trying out new coffee beans or playing my guitar! 

What is your favourite cuisine?

Favourite cuisine to cook - Italian; favourite to eat - Korean.



Hi! My name is Yoonji, and I'm a second-year medical student completing my research project with the Clear Vision Research group! In 2021, I completed my Honours at the University of Melbourne where I investigated risk genes for Major Depressive Disorder using Nanopore sequencing. I am fascinated by the intersection of vision science, genetics, and molecular biology, and hope to harness a deeper understanding of circular RNA in retinal degenerative processes. Aware that vision loss is a critical health burden, especially on our ageing and remote populations, I hope to grasp both research and clinical skills to help treat and prevent ocular disease.

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